Teaching with Comics


Comic Book Creators

  • ComicLab: A commercial standalone application for creating interactive web comics with multimedia content and hyperlinks

  • Comic Life: A commercial standalone application for creating comic books

  • MashON: An online application for creating web comics


Comic Strip Creators


Comic Viewers

  • Comical: A free standalone application for viewing cbr and cbz comic files


Initiatives about the education use of comics

  • Maryland Comic Book Initiative [visit]

  • The Comic Book Project [visit]


Proposed ways of using comics and graphic novels in classroom

  • Graphic Novels in the ESL Classroom by Bill Templer [visit]

  • Comics in the classroom by Ross White [visit]

  • Using Graphic Novels with Children & Teens: Including BONE by Jeff Smith [visit]

  • Using cartoons and comic strips by British Council [visit]